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 I'm Afraid the Attitude Problem LP is Sold out. There are some tracks available for download in the downlod section of this site and there are folks out there who might still have some. You can try Forcefield (Richmond, VA), Badmaster (Philly, PA) , New Audio Terror (Seattle, WA), Breaking World Records or Bonescraper (both out of Northampton, MA)... We do have some CDRs that came with the LP on tour. It's a CDR wrapped in white paper with "Get A Record Player" written on it. You can order one here for $5... This is a two drummer, bass, and vocal effort on side one and a guitar, bass, drums, and vocals thing on side two.

Track List: I Don't Feel A Damn Thing, Rock N Roll Purists, Fuck You, Meathead, Pierre Robert Is Gay, T's Boogie, We Used To Be Louder

Listen to sample from T's Boogie
Listen to sample from Pierre Robert Is Gay

CDR $5

+ $2.50 shipping

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